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Every organization has employees and so every human resources (HR) department deals with employee forms. Some still rely on paper versions, and even those that have an electronic process struggle to get forms data into the HRIS/HCM and content/document management systems.

That’s why we developed the Formatta electronic forms solution for human capital management (HCM). With it, new employee onboarding, employee administration and offboarding become fast, secure and paperless processes. The benefits?

  • Eliminate the cost of paper forms and document loss
  • Extend current HR software environments and online portals by offering employees access to a secure, self-service catalog of e-forms
  • Eliminate duplication, redundant effort and human error while reducing the HR team’s workload
  • Access and complete e-forms online with virtually any Internet browser, within any environment, including on the go with Apple® iPad® and iPhone®
  • Fill out e-forms offline also, when a connection is not available
  • Update the human resources system (HRIS) with completed form data automatically — no manual data entry required
  • Speed e-forms completion by automatically filling in certain fields via integration with existing HR systems and databases
  • Apply secure digital signatures and attach supporting documents to e-forms
  • Complete standardized e-forms and send them for approval through electronic workflow
  • Export completed e-form images, attachments and index files to content and document management (ECM-EDM) systems
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What if you could onboard a new employee, review a capital request and approve an expense report without generating paper? What if you could complete e-forms on the fly using your Apple® iPhone® and iPad®? What if you could eliminate the cost, the hassle and the interoffice envelopes from any paper-based forms process?

With the Access Formatta electronic forms (that’s e-forms to the trendy kids) management suite, you can.

With Formatta, users can retrieve an e-form that looks exactly like a paper version, complete it online or offline, and then apply a secure digital signature. Formatta then sends the completed form on to the next person in the workflow. When they’re done with it, Formatta archives the e-form and any attachments in the enterprise content management (ECM) system, and updates the ERP system. No paper. No scanning. No manual indexing.

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By Megan Cullor

Product Specialist, Access

Access Evolution is the world’s most versatile online forms and workflow suite.  Users can quickly capture, verify and utilize data completely paperlessly, and can pass it through automated workflow.  Business systems can be updated with real-time data, and electronic forms can be naively integrated into enterprise content/document management (ECM/EDM) systems for archiving.

Current Evolution customers are using the product in many different ways. Employee onboarding processes are much faster because employees are sent dynamic e-mails containing links to all forms that must be completed, taking a process that presently is completely paper-driven and transforming it into a secure online interaction.  These forms are quickly completed and submitted into an employer’s workflow, and the employee and employer are both made aware of the status of those forms. With Evolution, employees are brought into the system faster than ever.

Physicians are using Evolution forms to complete their credentialing paperwork in record time.  A doctor enters required data one time and it’s applied across all forms requiring that same data.  The physician then only has to enter the non-redundant data across the remaining forms, saving hours for both the doctor and the credentialing office.

Hospitals have started to use Access Evolution as a central physician referral portal. This enables physicians to securely refer a patient without the hassle of paperwork. It’s a simple online transaction that enables referals to be processed quickly and safely by the patient access department/scheduling office.

Other customers find Evolution extremely useful for completing employee reviews and evaluations.  An employee completes his self-review, then submits it through workflow to his supervisor, who completes her portion of the review.  From that point, it’s submitted again through workflow to HR, or possibly to another supervisor.  At any time, any of those  approved people can click the Status button on the form to find out where that form is in workflow, and whether the process has been completed.

The possibilities for the Access Evolution forms solution are endless, and can be applied to any industry or department, from healthcare to insurance, accounting to HR.