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By Chad Morrill, account executive at Access, the world’s leading electronic forms management choice for hospitals.


When hospitals choose a healthcare IT provider, they too often just focus on the same questions many of us consider when buying a car: “How fast does it go?” and “How much does it cost?” But for a successful project, these are just two of the many factors to consider. Another key decision point should be a vendor’s suitability as a long-term partner.

We’re not just talking the equivalent of a 100,000-mile power train warranty, whereby the vendor will fix your system if it breaks, though of course responsive support is important. But beyond that, you’ll be better off working with a company that not only understands its products and services, but also your processes, your staff, and your goals, and will do its best to unite these elements to give you maximum performance and value.

The first thing to consider before getting on the road is your hospital’s needs, both now and for the next few years. What are the pain points you’re trying to overcome, what new compliance mandate are you struggling to satisfy, or which facet of your EMR/EHR project are you finding most troublesome? This then defines the focus of your solution search, which will in turn narrow your list of prospective vendors.

Next, ask for references from facilities like yours and see how they’re solving the very issues you want to solve. Then ask them what else they’ve been able to do with the product. A hospital sometimes picks a solution because it fits neatly into whatever box they’re trying to fill, but yet leaves the full potential of that solution untapped. One of the reasons is that an IT team is typically tasked with solving a very narrow problem, and once they’ve done it, they must move on to putting out the next fire lit by clinicians or the CIO. They then go out and look for other vendors to meet the very needs that could be met by the product they’re already using – a waste of time, effort, and money for everyone involved.

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Mr. H, Inga, Travis and the rest of the HIStalk(the #1 healthcare IT blog) gang were kind enough to invite us to their sponsors lunch, which, just like last year, was at the fantastic Maggiano’s.

Mr. H gave a brief State or the HIStalk Union address, during which he revealed that his blog has more than 24,000 regular readers. He urged we vendors to keep improving our products to help providers increase patient care quality. Hey, that’s why we’re in this game. To protect his anonymity, Mr. H again wore scrubs and a surgical mask. Not as scary as it sounds.

We sat with the fine people from Bottomline Technologies, Beacon Partners and Trustwave Healthcare Solutions, and ate more ravioli than should be legal. Can we recover in time for more indulgence at HIStalkapalooza tonight? You bet.

Starting tomorrow, we will be blogging live from HIMSS 2012 in Las Vegas. Check back to read all about the happenings on the showfloor, HIStalk’s HIStalkapalooza and more.

And if your hospital would benefit from eforms on demand, electronic signatures and paperless forms processing, visit the Access booth #860.

Vegas here we come..

Access, the world’s leading provider of enterprise forms management (EFM) software, has been named to the shortlist for Best Healthcare IT Vendor or Consulting Firm for the 2012 HIStalk Awards (the HISsies). The other honorees in this category are Epic, Encore Health Resources and Practice Fusion.

The winners will be announced at HIStalk’s annual HIMSS gala, HIStalkpalooza, on February 21, 2012. HIStalk is the leading blog for the healthcare IT space.

And, in case you missed it, you can check out this recent HIStalk post to see Access’s founder and CEO Tim Elliott’s exploration of why every hospital needs paperless forms, electronic signature and a clinical data bridge to the enterprise content management system.


At Access, we’re not ashamed to admit we start our days with coffee, a nice bowl of cornflakes, and 10 minutes reading HIStalk, the cream of the healthcare IT blogs.

HIStalk recently launched HIStalk TV – think of it as YouTube for healthcare IT. Among the other great videos (check out the Meaningful Yoose Rap, Larry King-esque HIStalk FAQ and, of course, the Monty Python Hospital Sketch), HIStalk TV is now featuring a demo of Access Intelligent Forms Suite (IFS).

Access IFS enables hospitals to replace costly pre-printed forms with electronic forms (or e-forms, as all the cool kids say) that print on demand with patient demographics & barcodes that facilitate auto indexing into electronic health records via the ECM/EDM system.

So tune into HIStalk TV today!

You can also check out our YouTube channel by clicking here

And learn more about Access IFS here.

And, as a special Christmas present to yourself, check out Dr. Ross Martin’s hilarious YouTube channel by clicking here (warning: if you don’t like laughing, DON’T click the link!)

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