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Almost every healthcare IT product and service out their is marketed with fantastic claims of how the company’s offerings will meet the latest compliance standards, integrate with all your systems, and basically change the way things are done at your hospital.

However, when you read user comments on industry websites and blogs and talk to hospital staff members, it’s apparent that these promises often fall flat the day of implementation, once users realize there’s a big difference between the hype, buzzwords, and reality. This can even be the case before the go live, when it becomes clear that the seamless integration promised isn’t so seamless, the setup not quick and easy, and the professional services team far from responsive.

At Access, we prefer to let our customers do the talking. Want to know how our electronic forms solutions impact REAL people at real hospitals? See what our customers have to say in our case studies.

Hopkins County Memorial Hospitalhad a forms management product, but it didn’t support the facility’s barcoding initiative or allow for easy forms changes.

To overcome these challenges in conjunction with MEDITECH Scanning and Archiving (SCA), Hopkins County Memorial switched to Access Intelligent Forms Suite, which enables hospitals to print electronic forms (e-forms) on demand with barcodes and patient demographics automatically applied.

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