Is this a character from a Stephen King novel? Uncle Fester? A runaway from the circus? No, this fine fellow is a HIMSS exhibitor. I asked him the expected “What’s the deal?” And he told me “to get attention.” Mission accomplished.

Elsewhere, there are some pretty sweet giveaways. Not sure what my favorite is so far, the giant chocolate bunny or the jet ski…



Another vendor has a “wicked cool” (as they say in Boston) Tesla Roadster in the booth…wish I could win that bad boy.


Superficial things aside, we’ve been busy in the Access booth giving demonstrations of our eforms on demand, electronic signature, paperless forms (now for iPhone and iPad, too) and clinical data bridge solutions. More soon…

Most after hours events at HIMSS are stale, awkward, when-can-I-get-the-heck-outta-here affairs. And then there’s HIStalkapalooza, which is quite the opposite.


How? Well, first, because Mr. H curates healthcare news on a hype-free, non-pay for play blog that doesn’t just jump on trendy industry bandwagons, and runs his parties in the same spirit. Anyone is welcome if they sign up, and people aren’t there to brag about whose booth is bigger or to sell to each other, though a few deals may have been made over a few Ingatinis or one of the other customized drinks, which were all free, thanks to event sponsor ESD. Frankly, HIStalkapalooza is the only lock on our social calendar for the show.

Athenahealth founder and CEO Jonathan Bush presented the HISsies Awards in his typical irreverent style, starting off by ripping crappy healthcare IT marketing slogans (as well he might). Mobile health was deemed the most significant HCIT area, while HIStalk readers consider social media the most overused industry phrase.  Apparently the majority of voters are drinking the Epic Kool-Aid, as Judy Faulkner won two awards and somehow her company beat Access for vendor/consulting firm of the year. We cry foul! However, thanks to all the people who voted to get us on the four-company shortlist.

In addition to Bush announcing the winners while quaffing Arrogant Bastard ale (“just like some of my coworkers,” he quipped), Dr. Ross Martin, founder of the American College of Medical Informatimusicology and the man behind the Meaningful Yoose Rap, also graced us with his presence.

As well as the awards for best shoes and HIStalkapalooza King and Queen, there was the inevitable Best Elvis Lookalike presentation, though the renditions of the music legend’s hits were not the high point of the evening.



All in all, another fine event. One of the best things was talking with other vendors and hospital IT staff who share the straightforward, pretension-free view of healthcare technology as us: that it exists to improve the care and safety of patients and to make the jobs of those who serve them easier and more effective.

Mr. H, Inga, Travis and the rest of the HIStalk(the #1 healthcare IT blog) gang were kind enough to invite us to their sponsors lunch, which, just like last year, was at the fantastic Maggiano’s.

Mr. H gave a brief State or the HIStalk Union address, during which he revealed that his blog has more than 24,000 regular readers. He urged we vendors to keep improving our products to help providers increase patient care quality. Hey, that’s why we’re in this game. To protect his anonymity, Mr. H again wore scrubs and a surgical mask. Not as scary as it sounds.

We sat with the fine people from Bottomline Technologies, Beacon Partners and Trustwave Healthcare Solutions, and ate more ravioli than should be legal. Can we recover in time for more indulgence at HIStalkapalooza tonight? You bet.

Got to give a standing ovation to Mark, our booth designer, for another stellar effort. I’ve focused the pics below on several new signs he constructed (forgive the crummy image quality. Camera on my tablet. Whaddya gonna do?) Our goals with these signs? The simple who (we are), what (we do/our products do), and why (you should talk to us – if you’re struggling with paper forms, for example, or need to get clinical output into EMRs). Ok, enough self-congratulation. Read the next post to find out more about some less than stellar messaging in certain other booths…Going to wander to find better Wi-Fi: the data speed is pre-dial up with all the iPads and “smart” phones sucking out the juice like a vampire in an over the top Vegas show…





We hope this picture at the Las Vegas airport isn’t a sign of things to come…


That aside, the hotel breakfast options are palatable, with the exception of the oatmeal. Why mix it with water? The recession isn’t THAT bad, surely. At least the made to order omelettes were delicious and the coffee hot.

There were some interesting discussions at the tables about ICD-10 and other new compliance mandates. Also heard this gem from a former nurse practitioner who’s now on the IT side: “When you’ve got patients who are bleeding it’s not good to be told by you (insert name of EMR system) that you just have view only privileges…”

There’s a lesson here: if technology isn’t usable by nurses it’s worthless.

In contrast, if you’d like to see how easy it is for nurses to generate electronic forms on demand, stop by the Access booth (#860) today.

Starting tomorrow, we will be blogging live from HIMSS 2012 in Las Vegas. Check back to read all about the happenings on the showfloor, HIStalk’s HIStalkapalooza and more.

And if your hospital would benefit from eforms on demand, electronic signatures and paperless forms processing, visit the Access booth #860.

Vegas here we come..

Hospitals searching for the right electronic signature solution should look no further than the new offering from Access and Wacom. With it, patients apply secure, tamper-proof e-signatures using Wacom’s battery-free and cordless signature tablets to e-forms generated on demand.

When completed, Access Intelligent Forms Suite sends the forms into the correct patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) via the enterprise content management (ECM) system: no manual indexing or scanning needed.

The new solution supports e-Discovery, ARRA EHR Meaningful Use, FTC Red Flag and more by enabling authorized users to easily retrieve biometric data and the signature image.

Click here to read the full story, and check out e-Signature in action at the HIMSS 2012 booths of Access (#860) and Wacom (#13522).

Denver-based Craig Hospital, a leading rehabilitation center, needed a way to easily create e-forms on demand that printed with patient information and barcodes that would facilitate auto-indexing in MEDITECH Scanning & Archiving. They wanted the same system to simultaneously generate barcoded patient armbands that would support safe medication dispensing.

The solution? Access Intelligent Forms Suite.

“We cannot administer medication without the barcoded wristbands that the Access suite provides,” said Rose Selko, clinical applications support specialist at Craig. “It is an important part of our patient safety initiative.”

Craig’s IT/IS team feels that the Access team is helping the facility make the most of its electronic forms project.

“The Access professional services and support teams are extremely responsive and always willing to help,” Selko said.

Click here to read the full story.

Access, the world’s leading provider of enterprise forms management (EFM) software, has been named to the shortlist for Best Healthcare IT Vendor or Consulting Firm for the 2012 HIStalk Awards (the HISsies). The other honorees in this category are Epic, Encore Health Resources and Practice Fusion.

The winners will be announced at HIStalk’s annual HIMSS gala, HIStalkpalooza, on February 21, 2012. HIStalk is the leading blog for the healthcare IT space.

And, in case you missed it, you can check out this recent HIStalk post to see Access’s founder and CEO Tim Elliott’s exploration of why every hospital needs paperless forms, electronic signature and a clinical data bridge to the enterprise content management system.


Holy Family needed a way to provide its surgeons with a core set of patient forms, while also enabling them to fill in customized documents such as pre-op and post-op orders.

The solution? Access e-Forms Repository, part of the Access Intelligent Forms Suite – the # 1 choice for hospitals.

Now, nurses generate barcoded e-forms on demand, tailored to the surgeon and the procedure. Seamless integration with MEDITECH pulls patient data onto forms, and upon completion, the hospitals’ DocuWare ECM system uses the barcodes to tie the forms to the correct patient record – no manual data entry needed.

Click here to read the full story