It’s no secret that managing paper forms costs hospitals time and money, and takes caregivers away from patients. A report by Thomson Reuters estimates that administrative inefficiency and redundant paper use is responsible for 18% of the $800 wasted annually by U.S. hospitals – that’s $144 billion every year!

Using an enterprise forms management (EFM) suite alongside the HIS and an ECM/EDM system is helping hospitals stem the flow of lost revenue. Instead of wasting time & money on pre-printed forms that are discarded when new versions are introduced, facilities can generate forms on demand with patient demographics and barcodes that auto-index in EHRs via the ECM/EDM system. It’s easy to update forms and create new ones. The results? Reduced costs, increased productivity, more time with patients.

The Thomson Reuters study also estimated that hospitals waste $50-$100 billion annually on medical mistakes, not to mention the toll on patients’ health. By generating barcoded forms & wristbands, Access Intelligent Forms Suite (IFS) ensures patients are correctly identified throughout their visit & receive the correct medications.

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