By Tim Elliott

Access Founder & CEO

When I first started in healthcare IT (HIT), it was a new world to me and didn’t make sense. I became confused by the way HIT was run and how each service area and system was an island of its own, but yet was under the umbrella of a health information system.

Only when I began working in each area of the facility to see what happens behind the scenes did I understand how different each discipline is from the other and how each one has unique quirks. At the same time, the need for an electronic medical record (EMR) began surfacing and security was looked at more closely.

These disciplines began coming together in a process and best practices started emerging. The patient flow through the facility was now evaluated, along with the appropriate access to information for each patient. The goal was (as it should always be) making a good care decision every time and feeding revenue streams that enabled caregivers to stay at that facility.

Now this new HIT world feels like home. Sometimes a bit dysfunctional, but still constantly striving to get the caregivers the information they need, at the time they need it.

At Access, we have daily discussions on how we can make our solutions better, give our customers tons of value, and build new solutions that solve today’s pains in a healthcare facility. We don’t try and be everything to everyone, but focus on our areas of expertise and listening to our clients on what they want from us and what challenges they deal with daily. I want our clients to spend more time with the patient and less time with paperwork.

Helping them go paperless and capture information from electronic forms, health information systems and clinical devices is what we do – and I my opinion, we do it very well.

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