By Mark Johnston

President, Access.

Almost every vendor out there claims to be a “healthcare IT expert,” but what does that mean, and can they back it up? To us at Access, it’s much more than a huge booth at HIMSS and a fancy client list. Healthcare IT is simply what we know. Our CTO was a hospital CIO, one of our product specialists was an IT manager at a healthcare facility, and our executive team has more than 50 years of combined experience on the provider and technology sides.

When we look at new hires, we’re trying to bring in people who have worked in hospitals and/or for other HIT developers, because it’s important to us to know our customer’s world inside and out. There’s no point in creating electronic forms management solutions and supporting products that we think are great, if they’re useless in the real world.

Another way that we stay in touch with what people “in the trenches” want is by talking to them about their needs – instead of focusing on industry buzzwords and hype. By listening to our customers’ challenges, we build software that truly addresses the pain points of hospital staff. A customer recently said in a press release that he considers Access employees to be “good friends”, and that’s exactly how we look at the people who choose to partner with us.

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