Stop the presses! Round up the cattle! Fire of your remaining July 4th fireworks!

Our brand spanking new website, is now live. To help you learn the most about how Access Enterprise Forms Management can transform your paper-driven processes into paperless and paperlight workflows, cut costs, improve information sharing and basically solve all the world’s problems, we’ve spent months of back-breaking, soul-shaking, almost-turned-us-into-gibbering-wrecks time on this new site.

Some of the highlights include:

Products - The things we build for you, the wonderful things they do and so on.

Healthcare Solutions - How we simplify healthcare processes, from admissions to clinical floors to the back office and everywhere in between.

Departmental Solutions - Have an HR department? How about financials, contracts and purchasing? Yes? Then check out these solutions to your daily pain points.

Customer Success - Customers whose lives we’ve made better tell their Access EFM stories. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll knock your CFO’s door down demanding funding for the forms & workflow automation project you know you need.

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