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By Megan Cullor, Implementation Consultant, Formatta & Roving Editor of Tech Reviews and Such

I’m ba-ack! This time I’m here to tell you all about my OTHER favorite productivity app, Wunderlist. I consider Wunderlist to be a perfect companion to my OTHER other favorite productivity app, Evernote, even though they’re not at all integrated — yet.

Wunderlist is a free to do list app that allows you to manage your tasks across as many different lists (categories) as you’d like. As I do in Evernote, I have categories for work, personal, etc. And also like Evernote, Wunderlist is cross-platform compatible, and tasks are synced in the cloud. I have Wunderlist installed on a PC, a MacBook Pro, and also my iPhone and my iPad, and my tasks are always up-to-date across all of my devices. Sigh. . .

I’ve tested many different task managers in my day, from the really simple, everything’s in one list kind of app, to the more complex, Getting Things Done (by David Allen) approach apps, and this is my favorite. I don’t follow the GTD method anymore, so I just need an app that allows me to categorize, set priorities, rearrange lists, and set due dates and reminders, and Wunderlist does all of that quickly and easily.

I love the way Wunderlist handles reminders. You set them up specifically for each device, so you can have desktop reminders on your PC, but not your MacBook, or notifications on your iPhone, but not your iPad, for example. And Wunderlist will also send email notifications if you’d like. Super handy. I tend to dismiss pop-up alerts as I see them, but if I have an unfinished task sitting in my email inbox, I’ll leave it as unread so that I can take care of it later. Yes, I know, I could just check my to do list . . .

They’ve recently introduced repeating tasks, which you can set up to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or even customized, such as every 2 days. And you can also add subtasks to your tasks. Handy for bigger tasks that need to be broken down into smaller chunks.

Another little bonus that I love are their backgrounds. They have a wood grain background that’s super attractive yet unobtrusive, and it’s the one I always go back to. It’s like sitting in a library, feeling very important, surrounded by my many leather-bound books. (And if you don’t get that movie reference, then we shouldn’t be friends. Seriously. Go away.)

Wunderlist also just started offering a Pro account, allowing you to assign tasks to members of a shared list — great for project collaboration, choose from additional backgrounds, assign an unlimited number of subtasks to a task, and more. I haven’t upgraded yet, but maybe if they offer an even more awesome wood grain background (if that’s even possible), I’ll consider it. It’s so pretty.

My other other favorite Wunderlist feature is the new browser extension that adds the current browser content as a Wunderlist task. For example, I wanted to watch a video on YouTube later so I clicked the Wunderlist button in Chrome and it parsed the text, adding the video name and URL to the task, along with a displaying drop-down list of my categories. Click Save and it’s automatically added to Wunderlist. Blam.

In conclusion (finally!), check out Wunderlist. It’s free, it’s portable, and it has a wood grain background (if you want). Did I already mention that?