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By Megan Cullor

Product Specialist, Access

There seems to be a new tablet coming out each week, each one touting its e-reading capabilities. Yet all of them are virtually unreadable in bright sunlight and all of them fatigue your eyes (yes, even my beloved iPad 2 – review to come soon).

While the web, video and productivity possibilities of a tablet are all well and good, when it comes to reading e-books, no tablet yet comes close to the Amazon Kindle.

I’ve had a Kindle since Feb. 2009, when the Kindle 2 was released, and I upgraded to the latest generation Kindle (graphite, wifi-only) when it was announced at the end of July, 2010 (I’m a big upgrader — shiny new gadgets and all…).

I was a heavy reader before owning a Kindle, and I read even more now — it’s impossible not to, since pretty much every book I want to read is available at the click of a button, and it fits perfectly into my purse so I can read in line at the post office, at the dentist, anywhere.  Did I mention that it holds around 3,500 books?  Plenty for a week-long vacation.  I kid.  Two weeks.

I opted for wifi-only because I have an HTC Evo 4G smartphone (highly recommend…) which acts as a wireless hotspot, so anytime I need to hop online and I’m away from a wireless access point, I have my own.  If I’m out and about and hear of a book that I want to read, I can download it then and there if I want.  It’s lovely.

And for anyone wondering how close the reading experience is on a Kindle versus an actual book, it’s extremely close.  In fact, with the new e-ink Pearl technology in this latest Kindle version, it might be better, even.  I read for hours on end on my Kindle with no eyestrain whatsoever — daytime, evening, it doesn’t matter.

If you’re planning to purchase a Kindle, and you love to read at night but the light on your nightstand keeps your significant other awake (like it does for my husband), take a look at Amazon’s lighted cover, as well.  It’s powered by the Kindle itself, drawing its power from the Kindle via gold-plated hinges in the spine of the cover.  And when the Kindle goes to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity, the light goes out as well — no more low batteries on your booklight (I’ve had several) when you fall asleep in the middle of a paragraph.  Genius!  Also, the cover comes in gorgeous colors like Kermit the Frog green (my personal favorite — actually called “Apple Green”)!