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Like many hospitals, Grays Harbor Community Hospital (GHCH)  needed a way to get patient forms into their enterprise content/document (ECM/EDM) system – in this case, Valco – without manually affixing labels.

They chose Intelligent Forms Suite (IFS) from Access, the world’s leading electronic forms (e-forms) management, workflow & automation software provider (or so our customers tell us!).

With Access IFS, the ambulatory infusion services (AIS), cardiac rehabilitation and diabetes education departments at GHCH will print patient forms on demand with patient demographics pre-filled and barcodes that will auto-index forms in electronic health records (EHRs) upon scanning into Valco.

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Our good friends over at HIStalk (if you’re in healthcare IT and haven’t read it, you’re really missing out), featured our story on Nason Hospital’s selection of Access Logical Ink, our tablet-based e-forms solution that will enable physicians to complete patient forms on the fly and then send them paperlessly into EHRs via Siemens Soarian EDM.

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When a physician completes a paper form, the data isn’t available until someone in health information management (HIM) manually indexes it with the patient’s electronic health record (EHR) via the enterprise content/document management (ECM/EDM) system. Forms are lost. Data entry mistakes are made. Treatment can be delayed.

Nason Hospital has selected Access Logical Ink (ALI) to overcome these challenges. With ALI, a complement to Access’s other world-leading electronic forms (eforms) management, automation & workflow products, physicians complete forms on a tablet PC. ALI pulls in information from previous documents and is as easy & quick as paper & pen, without paperwork delays. Upon competion, ALI paperlessly interfaces forms into the EHR.

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