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At Access, we’re not ashamed to admit we start our days with coffee, a nice bowl of cornflakes, and 10 minutes reading HIStalk, the cream of the healthcare IT blogs.

HIStalk recently launched HIStalk TV – think of it as YouTube for healthcare IT. Among the other great videos (check out the Meaningful Yoose Rap, Larry King-esque HIStalk FAQ and, of course, the Monty Python Hospital Sketch), HIStalk TV is now featuring a demo of Access Intelligent Forms Suite (IFS).

Access IFS enables hospitals to replace costly pre-printed forms with electronic forms (or e-forms, as all the cool kids say) that print on demand with patient demographics & barcodes that facilitate auto indexing into electronic health records via the ECM/EDM system.

So tune into HIStalk TV today!

You can also check out our YouTube channel by clicking here

And learn more about Access IFS here.

And, as a special Christmas present to yourself, check out Dr. Ross Martin’s hilarious YouTube channel by clicking here (warning: if you don’t like laughing, DON’T click the link!)

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