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Hopkins County Memorial Hospitalhad a forms management product, but it didn’t support the facility’s barcoding initiative or allow for easy forms changes.

To overcome these challenges in conjunction with MEDITECH Scanning and Archiving (SCA), Hopkins County Memorial switched to Access Intelligent Forms Suite, which enables hospitals to print electronic forms (e-forms) on demand with barcodes and patient demographics automatically applied.

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At Access, we’re not ashamed to admit we start our days with coffee, a nice bowl of cornflakes, and 10 minutes reading HIStalk, the cream of the healthcare IT blogs.

HIStalk recently launched HIStalk TV – think of it as YouTube for healthcare IT. Among the other great videos (check out the Meaningful Yoose Rap, Larry King-esque HIStalk FAQ and, of course, the Monty Python Hospital Sketch), HIStalk TV is now featuring a demo of Access Intelligent Forms Suite (IFS).

Access IFS enables hospitals to replace costly pre-printed forms with electronic forms (or e-forms, as all the cool kids say) that print on demand with patient demographics & barcodes that facilitate auto indexing into electronic health records via the ECM/EDM system.

So tune into HIStalk TV today!

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And learn more about Access IFS here.

And, as a special Christmas present to yourself, check out Dr. Ross Martin’s hilarious YouTube channel by clicking here (warning: if you don’t like laughing, DON’T click the link!)

The Access Team

Access Check Printing System was mentioned on today’s edition of HIStalk, the top choice for anyone wanting to know what’s REALLY going on in healthcare IT.

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