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Springs Memorial Hospital in Lancaster, SC, is using Access Check Printing System to save time and money & add flexibility in printing payroll and accounts payable (AP) checks.

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Government Health IT magazine recently featured an article by Dr. John Loonsk, former director of interoperability and standards in the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, on why electronic forms (e-forms) management is crucial for successful electronic health records (EHRs) projects.

Here are the highlights:

“There is a need for consistent and coordinated electronically supported entry of data in a way that is as minimally burdensome as possible on clinicians and their staffs. A well executed program for electronic forms (e-forms) can achieve these objectives.”

“The way the standards work, the need for a form is initiated by data that exist in the EHR. The EHR auto-populates data for which standards exist and launches an e-form in a browser or renders it through its own software for additional necessary data.”

“Forms can be queued for support staff completion to further reduce clinician burden. Data can be saved in the EHR or submitted it to a variety of endpoints.”


Hundreds of hospitals worldwide are using Access Intelligent Forms Suite (IFS) to efficiently integrate clinical data into EHRs. Contact us today to see how we can meet your facility’s needs!

In healthcare IT, one of the biggest challenges for hospitals is cutting through the jargon, the buzzwords and the fluff to find something useful.

Access’s own Ron Olsen is featured this week on HIStalk, the leading healthcare blog (which gives healthcare professionals the truth about HC IT every day), doing some plain talking for IT/IS folks in the trenches.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if all clinical systems output data in a standardized, usable fashion? As there’s no genie around to grant that wish, we’ve got the next best thing: Access Universal Document Portal (UDP).

UDP captures output from clinical systems and devices, standardizes it and paperlessly interfaces it into electronic health records (EHRs).

The obstetrics (OB) department at Good Shepherd Medical Center in Oregon will be using Access UDP to get perinatal documents from its GE Centricity system into MEDITECH Scanning and Archiving (SCA).

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