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Leading North Carolina facility Albemarle Hospital needed to get forms into electronic health records (EHRs) in its MEDITECH Client Server system. The solution: Access Intelligent Forms Suite.

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We could talk for days about the benefits of Access Intelligent Forms Suite (IFS), which is enabling hundreds of hospitals to:

> Overcome the financial, productivity and environmental costs of paper

> Print forms on demand with barcodes to enable auto-indexing in EHRs

> Improve patient experience by pre-filling forms with patient data

> Boost patient safety with barcoded patient wristbands

> Create paperless registration & bedside consent processes with e-signature

Don’t take our word for it: check out our new Access IFS demo.

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Our good friends at HIStalk featured Access Enterprise Forms Management today.

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If you aren’t aware of what HIStalk is, it’s basically the first thing anyone who is serious about healthcare IT reads with their muesli and venti caramel macchiato (no whip, one extra shot, 140 degrees) in the morning. HIStalk features exclusive interviews with innovators in the healthcare space, cuts through the overflow of information on the most important topics — like EHR meaningful use and patient safety — and lets you know about impending mergers, sales and more before anyone else. The very definition of “must-read,” in fact.

There are few things in life (with the exception of rained out beach vacations and manually indexing pre-printed forms) that drive HIM staff members as crazy as trying to get clinical data between systems. The only two options are usually a series of mind-numbing manual tasks and/or costly programmatic interfaces that are about as good on the value scale as a $200 nosebleed seat at Yankee Stadium.

But wait, good men and women, help is at hand!

Access Universal Document Portal is helping San Juan Regional Medical Center (SJRMC) capture perinatal document output from its GE Centricity system, standardize it and interface it directly into MEDITECH Scanning and Archiving (or SCA, to its friends). According to SJRMC CIO Sheri Rawlings,“This saves time, eliminates errors and ensures we have all the information we need to provide continued care to OB patients.”

Access UDP is also bridging the gap between SJRMC’s MetaVision ICU system and MEDITECH SCA.

“This gives physicians and nurses access to complete electronic records from anywhere in the hospital, which increases care quality and efficiency,” Rawlings says. “Additional plans include the porting of information from the Provation system into MEDITECH as well.”

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